Stan van Boeckel

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Leiden University

CSO of Pivot Park Oss (NL)


Stan van Boeckel is Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Leiden University and CSO of Pivot Park in Oss. He has broad experience in drug discovery, both in the pharmaceutical industry (1982-2011) and at the university (1989-today). Stan van Boeckel was head of Lead Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry at Organon (later Schering Plough and MSD). Under his supervision the antithrombotic drug and first selective factor Xa inhibitor fondaparinux (Arixtra®) was discovered as well as the btk inhibitor and anti-cancer drug acalabrutinib (Calquence®), both of which are FDA approved. In addition, several other new chemical entities from his group passed phase 1 clinical trials. Professor van Boeckel is an advisor to five life sciences companies.

During his career, Stan Van Boeckel co-authored over 200 manuscripts and patents and received several awards, including the Unilever Chemistry Award, the AKZO-Chemistry Award, the Golden Medal of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society, the International Carbohydrate (Whistler) Award and the Lemieux Award on Biotechnology.

He completed his PhD (cum laude) in 1982 at Leiden University in the field of Bio-Organic Chemistry.