Arnoud Dijkstra

Venture Advisor

Phone: +31 (0) 35 699 30 00


Arnoud joined BGV as venture advisor in 2018. He currently acts as an advisor to the management of the BGV portfolio companies Staten Biotechnology and Scenic Biotech.

After having spent 14 years in the Basel pharma industry, with his career ranging from research management in antibacterial R&D at Hoffmann-La Roche to business development and investor relations for Actelion, Arnoud moved back to the Netherlands in 2006, joining the Forbion portfolio antibody company PanGenetics as Chief Business Officer until it was sold to Abbott. He then was CBO of the hemostasis company Profibrix, which was acquired by The Medicines Company. He currently holds interim management positions in and provides consultancy services to several life science companies.

Arnoud has a MSc in chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry from Groningen University.


MSc Chemistry
PhD Biochemistry


Roche, Morphochem, Actelion, PanGenetics, ProFibrix