AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – November 29th, 2017 – Synaffix BV, a biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary site-specific platform technology to enable differentiated antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), today announced the granting of a key patent that encompasses the entire GlycoConnect™ process. This patent, describing the method used to prepare glycan-conjugated ADCs, has been granted in Europe (EP2911699B2) which significantly expands the IP portfolio of Synaffix beyond its several other granted patents that together provide end-to-end protection of the GlycoConnect™ technology through at least 2035.

The patent titled “MODIFIED ANTIBODY, ANTIBODY-CONJUGATE AND PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF”, covers ADCs prepared by attaching payloads to the trimmed antibody glycan using any metal-free click chemistry approach. Conveniently, GlycoConnect™ does not require prior antibody engineering, by utilizing two highly efficient enzymes for antibody remodeling together with best-in-class click conjugation of the payload. The resulting ADCs are significantly more effective and better tolerated than all three major clinical-stage ADC technologies, which has been consistently verified across numerous preclinical benchmarking studies. The first ADCs that contain Synaffix technology are expected to enter the clinic in 2018.

“Synaffix is a pioneer in the field of glycan-conjugated ADCs and the latest addition to our granted patent estate is a clear testament to that,” said Prof. Floris van Delft, Chief Scientific Officer at Synaffix. “This further solidifies our dominant position in the field, and highlights Synaffix as the preferred ADC technology provider for companies that wish to rapidly convert their antibody into a best-in-class clinical-stage ADC.”

About Synaffix Platform Site-Specific Antibody-Drug Conjugation Technology

The growing experience of Synaffix and its collaboration partners continues to confirm the ability of our platform technology to consistently generate ADCs that are more effective and better tolerated when compared to all three major clinical-stage ADC conjugation technologies. The proprietary technology platform of Synaffix is comprised of GlycoConnect™, the site-specific and stable antibody conjugation technology that involves proprietary enzymes and metal-free click conjugation components, and HydraSpace™, the highly polar ADC-enhancing spacer technology.

GlycoConnect™ was shown to be capable of significantly enhancing the therapeutic index of an ADC on its own. The highly polar properties of HydraSpace™ improve the solubility and stability of the payload and the resulting ADC product, thus enhancing further the therapeutic index of the ADC.

Both technologies have demonstrated compatibility with all ADC payload classes and all IgG isotypes and can be applied directly to an existing antibody without any DNA and or protein engineering.

About Synaffix BV
Synaffix BV is a biotechnology company that enables highly competitive antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) product candidates using its site-specific ADC technology platform. Granted patents covering Synaffix’s technology provide end-to-end protection of the technology itself as well as resulting products through at least 2035. Synaffix is backed by a top tier, life science-focused investor syndicate including Aravis,
BioGeneration Ventures, BOM Capital and Merck Ventures.

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