Our approach

We extend our portfolio companies’ capabilities and focus their development

Our approach

We invest in medical and healthcare innovations which are based on sound, novel science and have high potential to positively impact patients.

Sound, novel science

We seek those innovations that have a truly differentiated scientific basis, supported by convincing experimental data. These innovations must be compelling and stand out in the global scientific arena.

High healthcare impact potential

Only innovations that can address an unmet medical need in a significant way are being considered for investment. We aspire to invest in solutions that provide substantial healthcare impact.

Extending Capabilities

Progressing a project from discovery to clinical proof-of-concept requires a breadth of experience that founding teams usually do not have from the outset. Through our extensive network and experience we help founders build their companies.

Focused development

We guide our investees along their journey from the scientific discovery to a targeted product development track. Together with the founders we shape the company and define the objectives to enable a successful exit.

Acerta Pharma: Accelerate a novel concept in leukemia

Case 1


Following the closing of MSD’s (originally Organon) R&D facilities in Oss, the Netherlands, a number of immunology programs were terminated.
Allard Kaptein and Tjeerd Barf (ex MSD), together with Edward van Wezel (BGV’s managing partner) planned to redirect a promising program into immuno-oncology (leukemia) and take it forward.

Creating value

Creating value
Within one year from inception, Acerta Pharma entered into clinical trials and presented compelling clinical results by the end of 2015. AstraZeneca acquired a 55% stake in the Company in a deal with an overall value over $7 billion. Calquence® (acalabrutinib) is currently approved and marketed in the US for various types of leukemia.

BGV’s involvement

Edward co-founded Acerta Pharma and served on its board until its trade-sale to AstraZeneca. He led the licensing negotiations with MSD and provided the seed capital. He also brought a very experienced team into the company from the outset, which led to leading US-based venture capital groups to invest into the company.

Staten Biotech: Building a cardiovascular company based on an intriguing idea and cutting-edge antibody technology


Prof. Alan Tall, Prof. Daniel Rader, and Dr. Paul da Silva Jardine brought an intriguing idea of targeting the apoC3 lipoprotein which is related to increased vascular and heart disease.
BGV founded and funded the company at its inception and managed the initial phase together with the founder.


Creating value

After 3 years the promising preclinical results were published in Nature Medicine. Subsequently Novo Nordisk showed interest to add the program to its cardiovascular portfolio and agreed on a buy-out option for the company.

BGV’s involvement

BGV set up the company and with Daniela Couto as managing director and Edward van Wezel as board member managed the company initially. Later on, Forbion joined as investor and jointly the team was further built out with experienced entrepreneurs and specialists, including Arnoud Dijkstra (venture partner BGV).