Maastricht, The Netherlands, July 14, 2015 – Cristal Therapeutics, a privately-held life sciences company developing innovative products against cancer and other diseases, by using its patented nanotechnology platforms, today announced the start of a collaboration with PX Biosolutions (Melbourne, Australia). The joint research and development is focussed on the application of Cristal Therapeutics’ vaccine technology CriVac® for the design of innovative vaccines.

The CriVac® platform enables the tailor-made development of well-characterized polymeric nanoparticles of a specific size, that allow optimal antigen presentation to dendritic cells. CriVac® is one of the proprietary nanotechnology platforms of Cristal Therapeutics, next to CriPec®.

PX Biosolutions is an Australian based company operating from Melbourne, Victoria. PX Biosolutions’ scientists have developed DCtagTM vaccine formulations against various types of cancer. These vaccine formulations have been tested successfully in animal models.

Joost Holthuis, CEO of Cristal Therapeutics says:
“We are very excited about this collaboration that fits our strategy to set up product developments with companies active in the vaccine area. We are convinced that we can create additional value for patients and vaccine companies by development of superior vaccine products based on our CriVac® technology”.

Ann Meulemans, CEO of PX Biosolutions comments:
“Our team is very enthusiastic about the possibility to enhance the flexibility of its DCtagTM platform by using the CriVac technology“.


About Cristal Therapeutics and CriPec® docetaxel
Cristal Therapeutics, established in Maastricht, focuses on the development of nanomedicines with improved therapeutic efficacy. The pipeline comprises of products based on drugs in development and also on the market, in combination with the patented CriPec® platform, for the treatment of various diseases, including cancer and chronic inflammatory disorders.

CriPec® transforms drugs into polymeric nanoparticles via an innovative process. These nanoparticles provide improved distribution throughout the body. The substantial improvement of the efficacy and safety of the drugs entrapped in CriPec® nanoparticles has been demonstrated in several preclinical disease models. Cristal Therapeutics has demonstrated the benefits of CriPec® for various molecules, including nucleotides, peptide drugs, as well as for applications such as active targeting. The results to date have contributed to the company’s present innovative product portfolio.

Recent financing round
In December 2014, Cristal Therapeutics completed a financing round of over €6 million which includes investments from new and existing investors and a national innovation fund. Venture capital investor Chemelot Ventures joins as a new shareholder and existing investors Thuja Capital, BioGeneration Ventures, Nedermaas, Utrecht University Holding and Beheer Innovatiefonds Provincie Limburg also contributed. The financing is used to launch the first clinical study of Cristal Therapeutics’ most advanced therapy, CriPec® docetaxel. If successful, this will enable chemotherapy to proceed more selectively and effectively, with fewer side effects.

About PX Biosolutions
PX Biosolutions is an Australian based company operating from Melbourne, Victoria. The team of scientists has created DCtagTM vaccine formulations, which could be used in various types of cancer.

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