Joost Holthuis Venture Partner

Joost is founder and former CEO of Octoplus N.V. and has an extensive experience in biotech and pharma. Joost currently serves on the board of Medisse and is CEO of Cristal Therapeutics.
From 1988-1994 Joost worked for Chiron as head of the analytical and product development laboratories. He was CEO of OctoPlus N.V. from 1995 till 2009. In his time at OctoPlus he raised in excess of € 47 million of venture capital financing and successfully led the company through its IPO. During this period he was responsible for the growth of the company to 150 FTE’s and the realization of multiproduct facilities of over 5000 square meters, He also was responsible for the growth of the service business to > €15 M in 2008 and an > € 100 M out licensing deal. In addition to his role as Venture Partner in BioGeneration Ventures he is an independent entrepreneur in the Life Sciences and active in boards of various organizations in the industry, advisory panels for the Dutch government and a board member in 2 early stage companies.

Joost Holthuis is a pharmacist by training and holds a PhD from the University of Utrecht.

Telephone +31 35 - 699 3000
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