For Investors

Headquartered in the Netherlands, BioGeneration Ventures started as an initiative between Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI), Leiden University holding, ABN-AMRO and Forbion Capital Partners in 2007.

BioGeneration Ventures focuses on new promising biotech initiatives (entering at seed, series A and series B rounds) in Europe with a focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our latest fund, BioGeneration Capital Fund III, is open for new investors. The fund has a broad scope and can make investments in healthcare, therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics. BioGeneration intends to create a balanced portfolio of 12 to 15 companies generating superior returns.

There are many exceptional investment opportunities in the life sciences sector. The sector is entering a new era, almost fifteen years after the Human Genome Project it is now reaping the fruits of that effort with an advanced knowledge base, product pipeline and intellectual property rights.

BioGeneration was set up to realize returns and has proven to be the investor of choice for life science start-up companies in the Netherlands since 2007. In addition to venture funding, the team offers professional skills that are typically needed by start-up companies that are taking their first critical steps. The BioGeneration team is also involved in a large number of activities that intend to stimulate entrepreneurial activities in the life sciences sector such as the Venture Challenge, the Pre-Seed Grant, New Venture and Mibiton.

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