For Companies

We believe it is very important that scientists and entrepreneurs aspiring to start a company familiarize themselves with all parties that are important in the successful development of their venture. Be it that you are a fresh PhD. with great plans to develop your scientific insights towards a real application that can help patients, a seasoned entrepreneur or an experienced developer out of industry that wants to launch a new business, we can help to sharpen your ideas and make you understand what we as venture capitalists need in order to enable us to invest in your company.

Within BioGeneration Ventures we harbor a large amount of know-how, experience and network highly relevant to your company’s success. In addition, our unique collaboration with Forbion Capital Partners enables us to provide an international reference setting and a highly professional environment. Besides a financial commitment we are able to give you access to a large network of investors, experts, industrial contacts and scientists.

We meet young companies all the time and enjoy discussing your plans with you. We also understand that in these early phases of your company not all boxes are ticked and see it as a challenge to work with you to get your company started. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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